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Welcome to Bardic House Web Works

A Project Underway …gNotapipe

“Well now! You got any I.D., kid?”
“Why yes, officer, I do. Here, here's my…

Chet Nickerson
Bardic House WebWorks

270 North Laurel, #3
Ashland, Oregon, 97520 USA

  • Web Development, Design & Programming

  • Search Engine Optimization.

  • Integrated Internet Marketing

  • The Bardic House Webazine

  • The Bardic House Electronic Publishing Project

  • The Writing of Chet Nickerson, Nick Bryant & others...

  • & For those of you who just can't live without the “Leaky Faucet”material…

The style & look of this page is deliberately quite plain at this point. Alla that stuff, that good ol' cascading style sheet (CSS), javascript-ie DOM control & what-not, will come later. The lack of real content, however, is pure expeditiousness. Really, at the moment, I'm working on some SEO experiments (which, for those of you inclined to "look under the hood," you may be able to see & you may not).

More of this anon…

Chet N.